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Discover a new way of working with Labage

Labage is a software vendor specialising in “Adaptive Case Management” (“ACM”). Founded in 2002, Labage was a pioneer in the ACM technology and has built over time a robust but flexible ACM engine called ACML.

For instance, with our Quality Management System and Complex Case Manager, we help leading healthcare providers, laboratories and insurers in Benelux and France to execute work in a secure and transparent manner while reducing the occurrence of errors.

Selected references

Our Industry Solutions

Financial Services

Labage develops a range of cutting edge solutions for financial service companies

Science and Engineering

Labage develops a range of powerful solutions for Science and Engineering companies


Labage develops a range of innovative solutions for Healthcare providers 

Our Products

Labage CaseManager

With Labage CaseManager, we help leading banks and insurers to execute work in a secure and transparent manner and quickly navigate into their most complex cases.

Labage ORM Solution

With Labage ORM Solution, we help risk professionals to make sure that work is executed in a secure manner

Labage Regulatory Suite

With Labage Regulatory Suite, we offer solution to help financial service company to meet the most demanding regularity requirements

Labage iQ

With Labage iQ, we help leading laboratories to continuously improve their way of working and leading hospitals to keep track of adverse events and complains

Labage Benchys

With Labage Benchys, we put the data in the centre of your process giving the knowledge worker the ability to navigate complex and lengthy process

Labage Doc@Hand

With Labage Doc@Hand, we help our clients to manage their documents